Basics of IT Asset Management

Most companies today accept an IT department, even if that administration is alone one or two humans who absorb a lot of of their time removing malware from the boss’s computer. Asset administration is the science of tracking software, hardware, and arrangement usage, and is an accomplished way to admission profits and abundance or annihilate arrangement downtime. For abounding companies, it is added economical to accomplish ITAM by an aloof third party, application a able aggregation to accomplish the assignment instead of spending the money to appoint a committed staff.

What is IT Asset Management?

IT asset administration is a way to accumulate the aggregation arrangement up to date, including software, hardware, licensing, deployment, upgrades and replacements. ITAM can be a assignment for your inhouse IT agents or it may be subcontracted to a aggregation which specializes in IT casework and asset management. Asset administration begins with a abounding analysis of the arrangement and ends with the auctioning of software and accouterments that has been retired from the system.

What does IT Asset Administration Control?

ITAM controls the arrangement from an accounting point of view. During the audit, all accouterments is identified, forth with the age and action of the equipment. As allotment of an ITAM audit, licensing is checked, software and accouterments versions compared, and application accustomed to advance earlier equipment. Since asset administration affects the absolute network, it’s ascendancy alcove to every akin of the company’s IT infrastructure, including:

Equipment Acquisition



Licensing and Certificates

Version Control

ITAM Reduces Aggregation Costs

IT asset administration reduces aggregation aerial by abbreviation potentially cher errors in licensing or software use contracts. It prevents the accident of abstracts and reduces arrangement downtime, and that agency extenuative you money by befitting the appointment productive. Additionally, accomplishing so can abstain alike licensing, as able-bodied as streamlining the admission alone workstations accept to aggregation data. Because it controls the software and accouterments in a way that promotes bland operation, agents abundance increases as well, extenuative the aggregation even more.

Typical IT Administration Procedures

Network administration about begins with a software analysis which sniffs out the apparatus of the network. This includes advertisement all software, the adaptation getting used, and the cachet of any appropriate licensing. It aswell incorporates the hardware, from servers and routers down to the alone workstations and arrangement peripherals such as printers, FAX machines, or plotters. Once the advice has been collected, it can be analyzed to actuate what bales and accessories can be eliminated, which ones charge to be upgraded or absolutely licensed, and how the arrangement can be adapted to advance all-embracing achievement for everyone.

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